Size/ fit

When buying shoes it is important to consider the length and width of the shoe. A shoe shop will help fit your child a pair of shoes. The size fitting should be done when your child is stood up as they foot is larger when weight wearing. Ensure that the end of the shoe is a thumbs width away from the edge of the toes and they are wide enough for the toes to sit comfortably in. Ensure that the toe box is in the shape of the foot, therefore a round toe box rather than a pointed toe box.

Heel cup

The heel cup on the shoe should hold the child’s foot in place and not allow the foot to slide around. This will prevent the toes from clawing in an attempt to hold on to the shoe. The heel cup will also add stability to the way they child walks.


A fastening on the shoe is essential to ensure the foot holds onto the foot and not to foot holding onto the shoe. A lace, Velcro or buckle fastening will be suitable.

Toe box

The toe box needs to be deep enough for the toes to fit in and wiggle. The toe box should not be pressing down on the toes and you should not visibly be able to see the toes pressing upwards on the shoe.


The sole of the shoes should also be considered when buying a new pair. They should have plenty of grip on them.